Blog Hop: Why do I Write?

Welcome to my first blog hop. I was invited to join this hop by a super cool mom I just met who writes and illustrates fun children’s books. You can find Vanessa Rouse, Phd. here. Go ahead check her out. She has some very yummy recipes there too.


The purpose of this hop is to share and be shared (Thanks Vanessa!). I’m supposed to answer four questions about my writing process, then tell you about some other writers that I think you should check out. So here goes:


#1 What am I working on?

Writing scripts for videos. I have a degree in Theatre Arts that has suddenly become more useful. I’ve discovered that I enjoy talking to my iPad about my book. (Also, I’ll spill the beans that some of my altar egos, or other personalities, are planning to join me on this very blog in the near future. It could get kind of crazy here!)


#2 How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

I LOVE reading. I love reading about parenting too. But I rarely finish a book. So I wrote my parenting book in such a way that you don’t have to read the whole thing at all. In fact, just skip around to the personality types that look the most interesting, and read the first paragraph. If it looks like it could be one of your kids’ types, then you can read the rest. If not, move on.  Hey, we’re busy parents! I don’t want my book to waste one minute of your time. Just go right to the good stuff and skip the rest.


#3 How do I write what I do?

When I wrote my book, it took forever. I rarely got more than two or three hours of writing done at a time. The only way I really got it done was to just not give up.  Sometimes I couldn’t get to it for weeks at a time. But then I’d sit down and start again. After nearly two years it was complete. Then the rewrite took another year. But it got done, and it’s good.


#4 How does your writing process work?

When I started my book, much like my videos, I wanted to give the most useful information in a way that people could relate to it quickly. I wrote 1/3 of the book before I took it to a guy that writes amazing and fun newsletters. I wanted that kind of efficiency and pizazz. Once I got his take, I scrapped most of the manuscript and started over. It seems like a waste, but all that writing helped me clarify what I wanted. So now, even with my videos, I just go for it and write all that comes to mind. Then I start cutting away the excess.


So now I get to share with you a writer that I think is just great.

Deb Lange, Mentor, Nurturer, Friend, guides people to create amazing relationships with partners, loved ones, family and colleagues. She teaches skills in resilience to releasing stress and anxiety from the root cause of the pain of relationships and to know what is loving to you and what is not, being able to then create loving boundaries of self respect and freedom. People gain the skills to find the source of their passion, energy and love and, enrich their lives and their relationships by connecting to the wisdom in their body. This is a new field of work called “body intelligence” or “body wisdom”. You can contact her at and